St. Martin Parish Sheriff-Ronny Theriot Announces Retirement at Completion of Current Term

ST. MARTINVILLE, LA: St. Martin Parish Sheriff Ronny Theriot, announced his retirement today effective at the completion of his current term of office on June 30, 2020.

In announcing his plans for retirement, Theriot stated, “There are many chapters in a person’s lives. Some are challenging, some are simply amazing, and all are part of this life God gives each of us. I have been greatly honored to have served as Sheriff of St. Martin Parish, Louisiana for the past 15 years and am humbled by the wonderful trust my fellow citizens have placed in me and with those whom I serve. Now it is time for me to enter a new chapter of my life, and, it is with this thought that I announce my retirement as Sheriff at the conclusion of my current term of office.”

Theriot is a native of St. Martin Parish with a long history in law enforcement that spans over five decades with service that includes the U.S. Air Force Military Police and service in Vietnam, the Louisiana State Police and currently as Sheriff of St. Martin Parish.

First elected in 2003, he brought to the department a vision of improving the safety and quality of life for all communities in the parish and that of his deputies with a commitment to integrity, honesty, fairness and innovation. His motto is “do the right thing, the right way for the right reason.” On July 1, 2016, he was sworn in to his fourth term as Sheriff.

Through innovative law enforcement and business styled practices, Theriot was able to expand the quality, capability, and resources of the department, which at present has zero long-term debt and sound financial reserves. By consolidating and improving facilities and technology, whichincluded the development of one of the finest shooting ranges for both law enforcement and public training in the South, his vision has brought the department fully into the 21st century in terms of capability and services. A major focus of his years in office has been the enhancement of training of deputies to help ensure their safety, public safety and their ability to meet the needs of the community. As a result of his efforts, crime rates in St. Martin Parish are much better than the National, State and Acadiana-area averages.

As far as his plans for the future, Sheriff Theriot states, “In my remaining months, I will continue to work hard to enable the continuation of the many programs and services that we have brought to our Parish as will the deputies and support personnel who are part of our department family. I sincerely believe that I will be leaving the citizens of St. Martin Parish with a professional, stronger, fiscally-responsible and service-oriented Sheriff’s Office. That is my commitment and my legacy…to serve and to have served you to the best of my ability. I also wish to simply say ‘thank you’ to all who have given me the privilege of serving as your Sheriff. The support of so many good people made it one that I wouldn’t trade for anything and the memories I have will be with me forever. I look forward for the opportunity to spend time with my family and enjoying what our great Parish has to offer.”