Patterson Native Sets Sights on Journey of a Lifetime

34-year-old Patterson native, Joshua Stewart, is planning the run of a lifetime in 2019.  It’s a journey that will begin on June 1, 2019, at Route 66 in Chicago, IL, and it will end in Santa Monica, CA.  According to Stewart, the track will take him 90 days to complete and cover 2,034 miles of the infamous route.

Stewart begin his lifestyle change to healthy eating in 2015.  He said, “I started my weight-loss journey on the 27th of September in 2015. I once weighed 287, but my starting weight was 260 when I began my haul”.  Stewart, who now eats healthy and works out daily, also said, “Where I’m from the food culture is taken very serious. We grew up eating foods that were very fatty, heavily seasoned, and mostly fried, so for many years I was ignorant to what a healthy and balanced diet really was.”

It will not only be a personal journey for Stewart, but he will also be representing the 1.6% of African-Americans that participate in racing competitions in America.  He hopes to increase that number by 10% by raising awareness.  He will also be running to raise money for three charities.  They include:  the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Childhood Obesity Foundation and the Up Community – To build within the community to make it a more safe and educational place for children and generations to come.  Stewart is also taking suggestions for other charities that he can donate to.

According to Stewart’s GoFundMe page, he is seeking donations and sponsorships from any business or corporation that is willing to help.

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