Traffic Stop In Assumption Parish Leads To Drug Arrest

BELLE ROSE – Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon reports the arrest of Eno Joseph Domingue, Jr, 24, of 247 Shell Beach Road, Pierre Part and Tysie Marie Dabney, 39, of 6557 Highway 1, Belle Rose, on felony drug charges following a traffic stop shortly after midnight Saturday morning.
A uniformed patrol deputy observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation near LA. 70 and South Belle River Road. The Deputy attempted to execute a traffic stop and in doing so noticed the passenger throw something out of the window.

The Deputy identified the driver as Eno Joseph Domingue, Jr. and the passenger as Tysie Marie Dabney. Both suspects were interviewed and they indicated that the passenger threw an item of no relevance out the window. After completing the stop the Deputy went back and located what had been thrown out. A package containing a substantial amount of meth amphetamine was recovered.

The Deputy arrested both Domingue and Dabney a short while after. Both subjects were transported to the Parish Jail and booked on charges of Possession of Meth Amphetamine with Intent to Distribute. Dabney was also charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Domingue’s bond was set at 50,000.00 dollars and Dabney was set at 70,000.00 dollars. Both

Domingue and Dabney have been arrested multiple times for previous felonies.