Morgan City Police Department Gets Reimbursed

New Iberia, June 11, 2018: The Sixteenth Judicial District Attorney’s Office announces that the Morgan City Police Department has been reimbursed the sum of $24,000 by Nelson Tucker, LLC for the costs incurred in the investigation of the misappropriation and theft of monies from Capital Management Consultants, Inc. The work of the Morgan City Police Department, and others, resulted in an approximately 800 count indictment alleging Thefts, Money Laundering, and Racketeering being filed against Nelson Tucker, LLC, as a corporate defendant, and other defendants. Special recognition is given to Detective Travis Trigg for his industry and commitment to seeking the truth and justice in over
fifteen years’ worth of financial records and other documents. The Sixteenth Judicial District Attorney applauds the efforts of Detective Trigg and the MCPD for doing such a thorough and professional job in the investigation.

District Attorney M. Bofill Duhé and First Assistant Rob Vines met with Morgan City Police Chief James Blair and Detective Trigg Monday to present the reimbursed funds.