Sheriff Scott Anslum Presents Baseball League Proceeds to Schools

St. Mary Parish Sheriff Scott Anslum presented checks to middle school baseball coaches today. The funds were raised at St. Mary Sheriff’s League baseball games during the season. The money will be used by the schools to purchase sports equipment. Sheriff Anslum says, “I will always be a supporter of youth athletics and other youth programs. Throughout my law enforcement career, I’ve seen first-hand what can happen to kids when they get bored. There is no question in my mind about the positive impact these programs have on our children.”

The Sheriff’s League program opened its first season in 2014, reintroducing recreational youth baseball to 13-15-year-old boys in Franklin, before expanding the program throughout the parish.

Mike Ortiz, Athletic Director for St. Mary Parish Schools says, “What I’ve seen in the last few years is impressive. The affect of the support from parents and the community can be seen clearly in the kids. The level of competition is increasing every year.”

Sheriff Anslum thanks the coaches and workers for their involvement in the league.

“You have to have a passion to coach. Without that the league would not be possible. Thank you for volunteering your time. I’d also like to thank the parents for their continued support of the program.”