Local Man Delivers Drugs to Morgan City Police

Investigators with the Morgan City Police Department Narcotics Division began an investigation in regards to the distribution of illicit narcotics in the Morgan City Area. During the investigation, Dearius D. Kenner was identified as the subject attempting to sell the illicit drugs. An investigator acting in an undercover capacity established contact with Kenner at which time they negotiated the sale and purchase of Marijuana and Alprazolam. Kenner agreed to meet the undercover agent at a local business in the area of LA 182. When he arrived he was taken into custody and found to be in possession of suspected Marijuana, Alprazolam, and MDMA. Kenner was also found to be in possession of U.S. Currency that is believed to be derived from the sale of illicit drugs. Kenner was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Jail where he was booked and incarcerated.

Dearius D. Kenner, 30 years of age, address: Grace St. Morgan City, La., arrested on 02/13/2018 @ 6:32 p.m.

Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute SCH I CDS (Marijuana)
Conspiracy to Distribute SCH IV CDS (Alprazolam)
Possession of SCH I CDS (MDMA)
Transactions involving Proceeds from CDS Activity
Warrant: F.T.A. for Arraignment on 01/25/2018 (2 counts)