A DWI Suspect Steals Car, Gets Stopped After Flashing Lights At LPSO Police

According to Police Chief of Thibodaux, Bryan Zeringue announced the arrest of 32 year old Quoizel Jones for Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Jones is being held at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center on a $21,650 bond.

On Sunday, January 21st, 2018, at approximately 8:00 p.m., the victim parked his Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the 1400 Block of Martin Luther King Boulevard in Thibodaux. Several hours later, around 12:24 a.m., the victim’s sister told him that his vehicle was gone.

Thibodaux Police were called to the scene and around the same time notified that the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office had the stolen vehicle stopped at Hwy 3185 and Talbot Avenue in Thibodaux. The driver, Quoizel Jones, was being charged with DWI (2nd) and traffic offenses. An LPSO Deputy stopped the vehicle after Jones passed the deputy, who was in his unit, flashing his bright lights at him. Jones had a BAC of .203g%.

Thibodaux Police learned that Jones’ girlfriend lives in the same apartment complex as the victim and Jones was there at the time of the theft. The victim believes he left his keys in the vehicle with the vehicle unlocked. The vehicle was returned to the victim.