St. Mary Parish Mardi Gras 2018 Parade Schedule

February 9, 2018
Krewe of Adonis, Morgan City, 7 p.m.
The will begin at the intersection of Brashear Avenue and Federal Avenue, near MD Shannon School turning onto Onstead Street and continuing down Sixth Street to Marguerite Street, Ninth Street/Hwy.70, Brashear onto Victor II Blvd and ending at the Morgan City Auditorium on Myrtle St.

February 10, 2018
Krewe of Dionysus Parade, Berwick, 2 p.m.
The parade will start at Gilmore proceed to John St., turn right onto Robichaux St., turn right onto Mount St., turn left onto Gilmore, turn right onto Hwy. 182 to Tournament Blvd. From Tournament Blvd., the parade will turn onto Fairview Dr. to Pattie Dr. ending at Berwick Junior High School.

February 10, 2018
Cypremort Point Parade, Cypremort Point, 1 p.m.
Parade Route – Highway 319

February 10, 2018
Baldwin Mardi Gras Parade, Baldwin, 11 a.m.
Begins on Hwy. 182/Main St. at the Sager-Brown facility, continues down Hwy. 182/Main St., turns left onto Martin Luther King Blvd., turns right on Bollard St., ending at Baldwin Community Center on Bollard St.

February 11. 2018
Krewe of Galatea Parade, Morgan City, 2 p.m.
The parade route begins at Greenwood and Second Street.  Proceeds down Second St. to Onstead.  Turns right onto Onstead, right on Sixth St., left on Marguerite, right on Highway 70, left on Clothilde, right on Victor II Blvd., Right on Myrtle, and ends at the Municipal Auditorium.

February 12. 2018
Krewe of Amani Parade, Patterson, 2 p.m.
Parade begins at Patterson High School on Hwy. 182/Main St. and continues down
Hwy. 182/Main St. to Place Norman Shopping Center

February 13, 2018
Franklin Mardi Gras Parade, Franklin, 1 p.m.
This parade will begin at Franklin Senior High School on Main St. It travels east on Main St., making a U-turn and then continues onto Willow St. The parade then turns right onto Third St., disbanding at the end of Third St.

February 13, 2018
Krewe of Hephaestus Parade, Morgan City, 2 p.m.
Beginning on the corner of Sixth and Sycamore Streets, it proceeds south on Sixth St. to Marguerite St. to Ninth St./Hwy. 70, to Clothilde, to Victor II Blvd. and ending at the Morgan City Auditorium on Myrtle St.