Delcambre Police Investigating a House Invasion and Armed Robbery

Delcambre Police Department is investigating a home invasion / armed robbery that happen at a residence in Delcambre this past Tuesday night Jan 9th which involved an elderly lady.

DPD would like to assure all of their citizens that they  are investigating this to our fullest capabilities and resources. DPD would also like to reassure our citizens that this was not a random act, but that the home was a specific target of the perpetrators. Again, this is an active investigation and the rumors and comments made on social media may impede our progress. Please refrain from identifying the victim or the location of the crime, and if ANYONE has any pertinent information about the crime or suspects, please contact the Delcambre Police Dept. immediately. Any and all assistance will be deeply appreciated.

DPD phone number is (337) 685-4404.