City of Patterson trash truck out of service; City ordinance will be strictly enforced

The City of Patterson is advising residents that the crane mounted trash truck used to pick up debris and trash is currently out of service.  The City said that it may be quite some time before it is replaced.  Workers will be collecting trash using dump trailers and picking up trash by hand.  The City of Patterson also said that it will strictly enforce city ordinance for the collection of this type of trash.  Below is the ordinance cited.


The following is the city ordinance and requirements for such preparation of trash and litter for collection.

Patterson Code of Ordinances  Sec. 22.43

(a)       Trash, yard waste and litter left for collection by the municipal collection authorities shall be placed in proper trash containers or shall be stacked or cut into pieces that can be handled by one man. Boxes left for pickup shall be flattened and stacked one on top of another. Leaves, pine needles and small clippings shall be bagged or placed in a proper container. Anything that can fit into garbage containers, including yard waste, shall be put into such containers for collection. Cuttings, branches, limbs, and trees shall be bundled and tied when practicable into six foot lengths, easily handled by one man. Trees cut from and by residents of the same property shall be collected by the city provided that they are no greater than 30 inches in diameter and no longer than 36 inches in length. Trees cut by contractors or anyone other than residents of the property shall not be collected by the city and must be properly disposed of by the garbage customer or contractor.

(c)       All garbage, trash or refuse, of any nature, transported on or along the city streets shall be covered or loaded in closed or covered storage containers to prevent the littering of the city streets and adjacent properties.

Residence wishing to remove their excess trash on their own can do so by bringing it to the St. Mary Parish Landfill located at 124 Landfill Ln. in Berwick where you can dump at no charge.